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MetaMovements Latin Dance Company is proud to continue as the Program Consultants for Marazul, a licensed Travel Service Provider which arranges cultural research programs.

These licensed trips include a full schedule (8+ hours per day) of activities, as well as lodging, transportation, charter flight, visa, and all other needs.

Program Consultants from MetaMovements engage individually with each participant, to help them select the program that is right for them, learn how to apply, and prepare for an experience that surpasses their expectations! We want every participant to experience a meaningful program that fulfill their goals, whether it is for Professional Research or for authentic People-to-People Exchange.

Next Dates For 2015:

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U.S. Regulations

The current U.S. restrictions on travel apply to all citizens and residents of the U.S. no matter from what country you travel to Cuba and no matter if you hold citizenship from another country as well. Only persons authorized by U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) may use the charter service between Miami or Los Angeles or New York to Havana.

For a complete description of each of the above categories and for the Guidelines to apply for a Specific License, go to:

Please note that the information shown in this page is subject to change at any moment without prior notice. Regulations related to travel to Cuba are being changed constantly. If you have any questions, please contact Marazul for the latest.

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