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Instructor / Animador / Choreographer



Alejandro is originally from Rio de San Juan and grew up dancing mainly bailes urbanos. He discovered a love for bachata, salsa, and merengue at 14 years old, and credits much of his entry into the dance world to his older brother. Though it may seem as though Alejandro hasn’t been in the dance scene for very long, in Las Terrenas he has worked with "everybody casimente” (almost everybody), including participating in: Junior Aquin's dance festival, Sami el Majico's dance festival, the Bailamar Festival, and several years in the Bachata Paradise Festival, amongst others. Alejandro’s energy and smooth style have contributed to his achievements as a choreographer, instructor and animator. He recognizes great personal and professional growth during his time with MetaMovements, and is always seeking ways to continue learning and developing both as an individual and a professional.


DANCE Genres

  • Bachata

  • Salsa On1

  • Salsa On2

  • Dembow

  • Son

  • Merengue

Teaching Specialties

  • Dembow

  • Traditional, Modern, & Sensual Bachata

  • Salsa On1 Men's Styling & Partner work

  • Salsa On2 Men's Styling & Partner work

  • Traditional, Classic, and Mambo style Merengue

  • Dance Fitness


  • Spanish

  • English for Dance Instruction

  • French for Dance Instruction

Hobbies & Professional skills

  • Cooking

  • Social Media Specialist

  • Dance Fitness Instructor


  • Virtual Private Lessons

  • Choreography design and instruction


in his students' words:

"Alejandro has my heart in the DR. He was assigned to my dance partner for the Performance Challenges. I also took a private lesson with him as well as his online classes. Despite the language barrier, we worked very well together. He is a very patient understanding dance partner and instructor. He explains things very well (sometimes just by demonstrating when I could not understand what he was trying to tell me). At times when I wanted to give up, he motivated me to keep trying. I very much enjoy learning from him and working with him as a partner. He is an excellent teacher with a heart of gold!"


- Monica (Hairstylist from NH)



"When I first started out with MetaMovements, I didn't know how to dance salsa well, I didn't have the timing down and I didn't have the abilities I have now, and I also didn't know how to teach. I've advanced during my time training with the MMRD team, and I've expanded my learning: how to be an effective leader; how to lead a class; and, I've even developed some language skills.Thanks to the MM team, I can speak a little English now. I've advanced considerably from all angles, as a person and a professional dancer."

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