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Audy jones

Instructor / Animador / Choreographer


Audy was born and raised in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic. While he always had a deep appreciation for dance, he didn't feel he would ever be able to dance like the other dancers he saw and admired. His mindset changed when he got into an accident and had to undergo serious surgery. The doctors warned him he wouldn't be able to walk for a full year, and that was when a friend of his recommended dancing as therapy. He began his dance training, and was walking within just two months! Audy spent six months dancing at the Babylon dance club, and then went on to work as an independent animador at clubs all over Las Terrenas (even at the ones that didn't usually hire animadores!). Audy's outgoing and welcoming disposition has greatly served him in sharing his love of dance with others while simultaneously supporting and uplifting his beloved community.


DANCE Genres

  • Bachata

  • Salsa On1

  • Merengue

Teaching Specialties

  • Traditional & Modern bachata: partnerwork, musicality, & men's styling

  • Traditional Merengue, Classic Merengue, and Merengue Mambo

  • Salsa On1: partnering and footwork


  • Spanish

  • French for Dance Instruction

  • Italian for Dance Instruction

Hobbies & Professional skills


  • Virtual Private Lessons

  • Choreography design and instruction

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In his





"I've always said the following phrase since I was 18 years old: If you want wealth for one year, you grow rice; if you want wealth for ten years, you grow a tree; if you want wealth to last a lifetime, you help the people around you grow. Whenever I work with a group like MetaMovements, I feel everyone else's energy and we all learn from one another. Honestly, I feel really good about working together. Our group collaboration facilitates better organization, better results, and earns us more legitimacy in the eyes of others."

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