We have some amazing news


We have been awarded a

2:1 challenge grant for up to 



how does the challenge grant work?

This fund does more than match the amount of the contribution; it DOUBLES that amount!

If you give $100, the grant contributes $200 and MetaMovements receives a total of $300!

We are so honored & now we need your help!

It’s hard to put into words how inspired, motivated, and eager we are to meet this challenge goal. After many years of hard work to develop our programs and fulfill our mission, we’ve learned how to accomplish a lot with whatever resources we have.


Most recently, since the start of the pandemic we fundraised over $10,000 through our online programs, classes, and outdoor events. With those funds, we:

  • Supported 30+ artists in Cuba, Dominican Republic, and the US 

  • Produced 200+ instructional videos

  • Helped over 500 attendees at our events feel the joy, movement, & community they miss so much during quarantine. 


Now that we have the potential to raise well over that amount… we are overwhelmed imagining what this could mean for the artists in our collective and the communities we serve!

How you can help:

contribute what you can!

Every dollar counts as THREE in this challenge. The challenge ends January 31st, 2021… so the sooner you are able to donate the better.

(We also have a tax deductible option for those who are ready to make their year-end donations.)


the word!

Start by sharing this page to your networks... and get in touch with us if you'd like additional materials for your community!

We have flyers, brochures, and web pages ready to send.

Sign up to volunteer!

Sign up to volunteer!


We have slots open for help with video production, event coordination, and fundraising. 

What we are fundraising for:

With your support, since March 2020 our collective of artists in the US, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic have mobilized to support one another during this difficult time. By working together, we have created a platform to continue sharing our artistic talents with the world! Not only has this platform provided us with an incredible community of peers, volunteers, and students, but also has supported:

  • Opportunities for ongoing financial support and stipends as well as emergency support when in critical need of funds, food, or technology.

  • Internet and phone connection to maintain contact with friends and family, find training and work opportunities and continue to produce content for our instructional video library.

  • Mentorship and training in the areas of virtual instruction, video production, social media, and other key entrepreneurial skills.

By donating now to our challenge grant you are helping us continue to support artists in this way while we build the infrastructure and systems needed to sustain our programs long term.

When everything shut down, we quickly felt the impact of the loss of physical activity, community, & connection our dance classes and events provided to us! As the data came out on what appeared safe... we tested the waters with a variety of activities to keep our community active, including (but not limited to):


  • Zoom variety shows & dance parties.

  • Instructional video libraries & virtual training groups

  • Dance classes for the deaf & hard of hearing, in partnership with our friends Silent Rhythms.

  • Weekly dance classes on zoom, Facebook Live, & more as a part of our partnerships with The Boogaloo Project.

  • Special events & Outdoor Weekly training groups in fitness, gymnastics, Salsa, & Cuban Contemporary.


We’ve heard from so many of you how helpful and motivating these events have been. We never imagined that we may need to continue them beyond 2020! However, it seems that no one knows exactly what 2021 will bring us -- and these creative events may need to continue for longer. We will be using this funding to develop even more virtual & in-person programs to help you all stay active, connected, and fulfilled in the safest way possible (including free & low cost services to those who may not have access to these kinds of programs). 

thank you to everyone who Has

already donated!

In New Donations!

Combined with the matching fund!