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La Rosa

Instructor / Animator / Performer

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Danzón / Son / Mambo / Chachachá / Casino / Salsa / Beginner’s Bachata / Reggaeton / Kizomba / Modern dance / Rumba / Body Movement and Styling


Fluent in Spanish and English for Dance Instruction


Dance Instructor / Performer / Animator

Born and raised in Santiago de Cuba, Dailin first began dancing there at the age of 12 focusing on the basics of modern dance. From there, she advanced to the Tropicana Santiago Dance School where she was both part of a dance troupe and a soloist. Dailin then moved to La Habana where she worked in various dance companies including Ballet de la TVC from 2005 to 2010 where she participated in TV programs and theatre productions amongst other important events. Upon being admitted into the dance troupe C, Dailin got to travel for the first time with a show touring in the Cayman Islands. In 2011, she auditioned and was selected for a year-long project in Italy and Spain where she worked as an animator and performed in shows. In 2013 Dailin took a pause from dancing to work in a restaurant as a sous chef for a year, learning about culinary arts which is another one of her passions! In 2014 Dailin returned to the dance world when she began training and working as a salsa instructor at the Via Danza dance company. She continues to give classes there in partnering and styling. She also works in nightclubs as an animator and events promoter. 


Dailin first joined the MetaMovements family in 2015 and has been a passionate member ever since! She looks forward to continuing to improve as a dancer and a teacher, to practise her English language skills, and to continue collaborating with the MM group.