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Financial Contributions

We welcome donations both large and small. Every dollar counts! All funds donated now will be used to provide safety nets for the artists in our collective who are in crisis due to the pandemic.

To maximize the impact of your donation, please let us know:

  • You would like to volunteer as a member of our fundraising committee.

  • Your organization, or one you are familiar with, has a corporate matching program.

  • You or someone you know would like to make a tax-deductible donation​*


*Our good friends at Raíces Cultural Arts Association, Ltd. (a 501 c(3) not-for-profit), have been supporting our work for years, so we are partnering with them to enable you to make your gift tax-deductible.

ways to donate

  • Tax-Deductible: To make your gift tax-deductible, you will be directed to our partner site, Raíces Cultural Arts Association, Ltd.  Once there, you may process your payment via Check/Money Order, PayPal (+3% processing fee) or Credit Card (via Square +3% processing fee).  Raíces will process your gift, allocate the funds to MetaMovements and send you a tax-deductible receipt at the end of the year.

  • Direct to MetaMovements (NON Tax-Deductible) : To make your non tax-deductible gift directly to MetaMovements, we accept Check/Money Order, Venmo (no processing fee) or Credit Card (via Square +3% processing fee).

  • Venmo (by donating to @MetaMovements).

More about our Relationship with Raíces Cultural Arts Association, LTD.

Raíces Cultural Arts Association, Ltd. is a based 501 (c)(3) is non-profit organization dedicated to the multi-cultural artistic community of New York City. They aim to bridge the gap by creating educational programs and events where dancers, musicians and artists can connect and collaborate. They are also a resource center for all those seeking information on the traditional music and dances of the Caribbean, more specifically from the islands of Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.


Their continued dedication to American and Caribbean artists makes them an ideal candidate for our collaboration. By making a donation through their organization, you are not only supporting this project -- but you are also funding the administrative costs of maintaining our relationships with Raíces, and their work in other areas.

The impact of your donation

Get involved!

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