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Instructor / Animator / Performer






Maridalia, more commonly known as La Chiky, started dancing when she was seven years old in a project run by The National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (el UNEAC) called “Alma Danza.” In this program, she performed in political and cultural events and attended workshops at professional dance companies. Just four years later, in 2005, Chiky began to study rhythmic gymnastics at an institute for young athletes where she spent two years and won third place in a national competition. From 2007 to 2009, Chiky trained at la EVA (?) in preparation for her career as a professional dancer. Upon completing this training, Chiky worked in musical theatre at a dance company called the Compañía de Variedades América. Chiky now works with a dance company called VIA Danza where she has developed her skill set as a dance instructor as well as her passion for teaching. Chiky gets great personal satisfaction from being able to share the dances of her culture, of which she is very proud. In addition to dancing, Chiky loves percussion and plays the “campana”, the “clave”, and the “güiro”.

Chiky appreciates her MetaMovements community, and describes it as “a family that works as one single person, thus creating a positive atmosphere with lots of energy.” 



All traditional and popular styles of Cuban dance


Fluent in Spanish and English for Dance Instruction


Dance Instructor / Performer / Animator