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Instructor / Choreographer / Performer / Animator


Yasleni Tumbarell Ramírez


Yasleni, more commonly known as La Morena, has been dancing professionally in dance troupes since 2006. She has danced in various renowned companies, specializing in musical and theatrical productions, dance, Cabaret, and popular Cuban dance styles (“Populares”). Morena has worked with artists such as Andrés Gutiérrez, Narciso Medina, and Tony Menéndez. Morena graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Animación Turística and has participated in many competitions. In 2009, she won first place in the partner dancing category of a competition on a Cuban television program (“Bailar es Algo Más”). In 2012, Morena participated in a competition for choreographers, and in 2014 she was assessed and selected as the choreographer for the company, “Antonio Maria Romeu.” In the years that followed, Morena participated in numerous festivals, competitions, and events including the “Evento Internacional de Pantomima” and the “Festival Internacional de Danzas en Paisajes Urbanos.” In addition to dancing, Morena is a mezzo-soprano singer and also loves to play the drums. She has studied some cosmetology and modeling, and she works as a lab tech in biology research labs.

Morena loves absolutely everything about dancing and music. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with both adults and children, and even had a dance company for children from ages 6 to 15. Through collaborating with MetaMovements, Morena has learned to teach classes in English! She has also expanded her dance repertoire with styles such as Tango and Salsa in line. Morena looks forward to continuing her growth both personally and professionally as a dancer and instructor. She loves the energy of the MetaMovements family and greatly values the bonds she has formed with her friends and colleagues. Morena hopes to maintain this unity and “make lots of music and dance until we can’t breathe.”



Son / Mambo / Cha-Cha-Cha / Rumba / Folkloric Cuban Dance (Afro-Cuban)


Fluent in Spanish / English for Dance Instruction


Dance Instructor / Performer / Choreographer / Animator