volunteer Opportunities

Why Volunteer?

  • Volunteering is a fun way to enjoy a deeper engagement in the project and your relationship with our collective! Many volunteers have told us they felt that the more they have committed to serving the project - the closer they came to meeting their own artistic and personal goals. 

What is the time commitment? 

  • Whether you have a lot of free time on your hands or just an hour to spare, if you have the desire, we want YOU on our team!

Do I need to live in Boston?

  •  No! We have volunteer opportunities that are both remote and location specific

Ways you can contribute!

Whether you can offer a specific skill set or just want to lend a hand where it's most needed... there are many ways you can support this project!

Quickie Jobs!

Sign up for 1-2 hr shifts to help with outreach, tech for an online class, and more!

virtual street teaming (social media posts, emails)

tech (event behind the scenes)

phone calls

proof reading  

Longer term Commitments:


  • Grant Writers 

  • Sponsorship 

  • Capital Gifts Campaign 


  • Brand coaching

  • Product Beta tester

  • Professional Development



  • Social media 

  • Events

  • Email campaigns

Language, copy writing, & editing

  • Spanish/English Teachers

  • Translators/subtitlers

  • Proofreaders


business &

Legal  Services

  • Project Managers

  • Organizers/Advocacy

  • Consultants 

Media  &

content creation

  • Video Editors

  • Web Designers

  • Graphic Designers


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