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What is Cuban Modern Technique?

It is a series of dance exercises and combinations, created in the 1960s in Havana, Cuba, with the goal of helping people who were passionate about dance--but didn’t have standard training--advance to the highest levels... so they could put Cuban dance, music and culture on the world stage!

Today it is an essential for dancers of all levels in Cuba, and is simply called “La Clase Tecnica” or “The Technique Class”. In addition to helping beginner and intermediate dancers improve quickly, it is also used in all of the top companies—from Salsa, Modern, Contemporary & Hip Hop to Flamenco, Campesino and Afro-Cuban/Folkloric—as part of their weekly regimen.

Memories of Summer 2020

Photos by Donrick Pond

The Foundations Class will focus on a few important building blocks from the technique in depth each week, helping each student develop natural flowing movement, and improve posture, extension and lines. It will feature the undulations of the torso, the fluidity of the arms and the strength of the core that are some of the most noted elements of the style. Each class will include an uplifting warm-up and stretch with traditional Cuban music.  

The Combinations & Flows Class will take the elements taught in the first class each day, and expand them into full combinations that will help dancers of all levels practice and improve at home.  It will also help each student understand HOW to improve their technique in this style and how to apply it to the other forms of dance they love.

In each class, Anara addresses the needs of beginner and advanced dancers alike, and has assistants who provide personalized support in small groups as needed.

The classes are designed so that they can be taken in a row, each building on the next, but they are also each useful as stand-alone courses.  For deeper exploration into the technique, we have instructional videos to help you at home, and Anara also offers private coaching, both virtually and in person.


Interested in additional feedback & coaching? 

We're excited to bring you TWO new offerings to help you increase your skills: Launch Pad & Coaching Corner!


  • The “Launch Pad” will set you up for a successful class by giving you time to practice the moves at a slower, more detailed pace! Whether you need to catch up on something you’ve missed or have some burning questions… this is the perfect way to start your night, feeling prepared and motivated.


  • The “Coaching Corner” takes you deeper into the details, allowing you to advance at a faster pace! Your instructors will demystify the science behind the skills and share tips that will help you achieve your goals. Join us to master the secrets behind our technique!


6:30 - 7:00 PM

Launch Pad | Coaching Corner


Session 1: June 30- Jul 21

Session 2: Aug 4 - 25

7:00 - 8:00 PM

Foundations (Center & Floor Exercises) 

8:00 - 9:00 PM

Combinations & Flows

Memories from Summer 2020 // Photos by Donrick Pond 

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