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Annual Fund &

Goals For 2023

Supported 30+


Your Gift Makes Our Collective Goals Possible!

We have had a year full of changes as we have sought ways to “return to normal” while still dealing with the losses and challenges brought on by COVID-19. Through it all, you have provided all kinds of support, helping us achieve our collective goals while also helping individual artist-members in need. We are so grateful to have you with us — our progress in 2022 would not have been possible without you!

Our friends at Raíces Cultural Arts Association, Ltd. are once again helping us with the management of the fund and that means it is tax-deductible for you!  To learn more about Raíces and our relationship, click here

While we welcome gifts to our Annual Fund throughout the year… 
The BEST time is NOW! 

(Now being whenever you are reading this and thinking about it 😊)  

Thank you so much for your support!

To learn more about what has happened this year and what we have achieved together, we invite you to read a letter from our Director, Anara Frank.

Why Donate to MetaMovements Annual Fund?

A gift to our Annual Fund will provide us with stability as we strive to bring back our programs in the post-pandemic world. It will provide us the flexibility to achieve our collective goals–even when unexpected barriers come up or when something isn’t traditionally “fundable.” It will also enable us to better support our members quickly in times of urgency as we did during the recent hurricanes that hit our friends in Las Terrenas & Havana.

What's Going on With Salsa in the Park?

As you may know, our beloved Salsa in the Park at Blackstone was put on hold for a while. Sudden changes in leadership, permitting, and regulations changed the costs and logistics of running the event enormously, and there was not enough time to raise the additional funds (although we never stopped trying!).

Our Annual Fund can help bridge the gap so that programs like Salsa in the Park at the Blackstone can continue while new funding sources or other solutions are sought.

Helping Our MM Family in Cuba

Members of our MM family in Cuba are facing a severe economic crisis, accompanied by food & medicine shortages that require immediate response. Although bringing supplies to Cuba is allowed and encouraged, the crowd-funding campaigns and other methods that would help us pay for those items are impossible to use, given U.S. restrictions on electronic banking transactions that include the words “Cuba” or “Cuban” [or the Cuban flag emoji] regardless of their purpose.


An Annual Fund can help us address issues of food scarcity or a missing medication with the urgency it deserves and provide general support to our friends who are impacted by this situation.

Overall, the Annual Fund will help us achieve the goals of our students, artist-members, and supporters throughout the year when needs arise.


Gifts of all sizes make it possible for us to survive and thrive, supporting each other in the post-pandemic world, and helping us all stay joyful, connected and dancing!

2023: Our Goals for the Future

  • Bring more in-person programming back to Boston–including our beloved Salsa in the Park events and more dance training opportunities for our community

  • Re-start our popular dance travel programs in Cuba and the Dominican Republic and initiate a series of Dance & Wellness Retreats in Montserrat with MM alum & supporter Dr. Gary Morton and artists from all countries we work in

  • Get back on the road, connecting to friends in different cities by bringing our workshops and events to YOU, and helping you find ways for the special energy that we create in our tours continue right there where you live

  • Provide financial aid and barter opportunities so that economic status/situation does not prevent people from being able to participate

  • Build our online presence and our virtual learning platforms so that MM artists in all 3 countries can support themselves and their families while dedicating themselves more fully to their art


  • Provide professional development & resources for experienced artists to make their careers more successful and sustainable


  • Offer support & training for passionate young dancers to become professionals and share their art with the world


  • Continue fostering collaborations between dance companies, schools, and other entities. These collaborations allow for the growth and sharing of resources, and enable our artists to provide incredible experiences for clients and communities in an environment of mutual support.

Help us make 2023 an amazing year! 

Donations of all sizes are welcomed and much appreciated. If you would like your donation to be tax-deductible, or if your workplace offers matching donations, our friends at Raíces Cultural Association, Ltd. continue as our partners, and will process the donations on our behalf.  All other non-tax-deductible donations can be made directly to MetaMovements via Venmo, Credit Card or check. 

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