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Welcome to MetaMovements


Who we are

     Founded in Boston in 2006, MetaMovements is an artist collective dedicated to using dance & music as tools for positive transformation. Through leadership training, arts instruction, performances, parties, and trips, we strive to help each other grow and lift each other's spirits while celebrating the history and evolution of the dance & music we love. Today our collective members span multiple countries but remain united in our commitment to each other as well as our mission to create lasting social change. Including creating just and inclusive environments for marginalized populations in our communities.

What we do

     Over 30 artists from Cuba, the Dominican Republic & North America are now a part of the MetaMovements Artist Collective.  We are passionate about using our artistic talents to connect with our students and friends from around the world! Historically, we've provided classes, travel programs, events, training groups, performance teams, teacher training, and more -- but our services evolve with the needs of our communities.

Promoting Health & wellness through the arts


relationships across


Travel Programs &

cultural exchange

Inspiring transformation through

music & dance

COVID-19 UPDATE: In compliance with the advice of local, state, and federal entities -- all of our in person events, classes, and trips are postponed until further notice. However -- we are hard at work creating ways to move, dance, & connect online! 


Providing sustainable income opportunities for artist entrepreneurs

After several years of working in the world of travel and nonprofits… our collective knows how to handle ups and downs. We've learned to be resourceful and supportive of one another through good times and bad. Throughout it all, we've been building and envisioning a sustainable, collaborative economic model that helps us stay connected, stay learning, and stay dancing.

Our collective members are sheltering in place, spread out in different countries, but staying active in our homes, and connected online.  We are using the technology we have at our disposal to strengthen our ties and unite our efforts, even more, to deal with the pandemic and the shut-down. We are all working to stay positive in this challenging time, but without a means to work or earn income... we are of course concerned for our futures.


Your support will make it possible for us to keep working and surviving... and also set us up for a more stable future.

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Join our circle of supporters

Before this unique circumstance... we could not do what we do without you. We have always felt that our students, travelers, and volunteers were a part of this family!  So of course, we wanted to invite you, the rest of our extended family of dance- & music-lovers to join us -- and take united action towards creating the mutual support and uplifting energy that we know is needed now more than ever.