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Our Online Video Library

Learn from Passionate Instructors 

Enjoy over 200 instructional videos from artists in Cuba, The United States, & The Dominican Republic. 

Train on your own time at your own pace  

Our videos average 5-10 minutes each and can be enjoyed sequentially or one at a time. 

Join a positive & supportive community 

MetaMovements Artist Collective attracts positive like-minded students who are ready to welcome you & cheer you on!

Get Moving, while Supporting Artists

By subscribing to our instructional video libraries you are not only helping our collective continue to work virtually when its not safe to be in person, you are also a part of helping us develop a sustainable future. Through the power of the internet that our collective members can continue connecting with you all in a way that’s embargo proof,  pandemic proof, and sustains through any other challenges that come our way.

For more information on how your support helps,  visit here

How it works:

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Bachata, Casino Salsa, & More


& folkoric




& Flexibility

Enjoy instructional video series from our instructors in Cuba, DR, & North America that allow you to practice your skills, learn technique, and have fun all from the comfort of your living room!


Thanks to the hard work of artists & support of donors we will soon have an entire library of videos available for you to access!

  • The library is divided into areas of study such as folklore, social dancing, fitness, and contemporary. Within each area of study, artists have created a series following the interests of our students. For example in folklore, we have Columbia, Rumba, and Afro-Cuban fusion all housed in that area.


The impact of your purchase

Your support right now is critical to keeping us going during these challenging times. All income after expenses goes directly to supporting the artists. Learn more below!

These projects would not be possible without the support of generous donors.  Learn more:

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