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People need Movement. Artists need Support.

The World needs Connection.

Together, We have a Solution.

Self-isolation has not been easy for anyone, and for people like us who crave movement and community, it's particularly challenging!  We have all come to know each other through our shared passion for dance, music and cultural exchange, and the relationships we have built have been long-lasting and life-changing.  It’s hard to imagine any of us in this community spending a month without these things, and it’s clear that we are now all worried about each other’s well-being too.  So although we find ourselves shut in our houses for the foreseeable future... we are DETERMINED that we will stay connected, surrounded by dance and music, and all taking care of each other!

Enjoy dance education at home,
while supporting the artists when they need it most.

We have dreamt of building an online school & learning community for a long time, and have been taking steps towards bringing it to life. We have always envisioned creating a platform that could help each artist take their craft to the highest level, while also feeling part of a strong and successful team. It would enable artists to share their passion with new students around the world, while staying connected to those who have supported them along the way.

When everything shut down we decided to speed up our timeline.  We are launching early just for our students, travelers, and volunteers. That way our community can access the dance and music they need NOW... and the artists can have the support they need NOW, as well.

Click here to learn more and join our efforts today... and see all that we have in the works!