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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

From artists in Cuba, the DR & the US

 Dominican Republic


Travel with MetaMovements

If you have experienced any of our workshops, performances, or community events like Salsa in the Park… imagine what it would be like to travel with us!  (And if you have already traveled with us, you KNOW how incredible the experience is!) 


In each of our unique travel programs, you will find the same outstanding quality of instructors and artists, experience the same philosophies grounded in our mission, and feel the same uplifting positive energy everywhere we go! 


With over 20 years experience creating meaningful cultural exchange programs between dance & music-lovers in the U.S. and Cuba, we expanded over the past decade with requests to develop similar programs in other locations. 


Join us in 2023—with beloved activities from the past as well as exciting new things to try!  We are offering a few special Group Trips this year, and we can also arrange a Custom Travel Program with the same fantastic activities, but with your dates, your interests & goals, and your favorite travel-buddies!

Group Trips

To view the trips that are currently enrolling, in Cuba, Montserrat and the Dominican Republic click below to visit our Travel Website.

Next Trip Date: June 2023: Dominican Republic

Custom Travel

To learn more about the custom options please click here to read about how it works and to fill out an inquiry form.

Travel to DR

Coming Soon!

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