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Our Vision For the Future:
 metamovements online

Artists need Support. People need Movement.

The World needs Connection.

Together, We have a Solution.

Working in the world of travel and nonprofits, we know how to handle ups and downs. Whatever challenges we face, we use our resources to stick together, collaborate, and support one another. 

Each time we’ve been hit by an unpredictable fluctuation of these markets, … we’ve been motivated to find solutions that not only allow us to keep working, but also you help you all to keep dancing! 

With that in mind, we came up with a plan -- a virtual learning program with live-streamed classes, a library of instructional videos, and more. Through the power of the internet, we can become embargo-proof, pandemic-proof, and hurricane-proof; and withstand any other challenges that come our way.

COVID-19 moved up our timeline significantly, and we launched  our first phase with you alongside us! With your donation, you’ll be a crucial pillar of support in the development of the collective's future. 


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