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MetaMovements Artist Collective

Providing sustainable income opportunities  for Artist-Entrepreneurs

The common thread for all members of the MetaMovements collective is our dedication to social change. We are so happy that many of our supporters are motivated by the same goal, and join us in our belief that we can build a successful business to uplift artists of all backgrounds.

You may have supported our work in the past, making it possible for us to offer programs to youth, seniors, veterans, or people living with disabilities, all of whom lack access or resource to the arts. Or maybe you visited our sister teams in the DR or Cuba, a traveling experience with an amazing cultural exchange. Or perhaps you were inspired when we met at a Congress or a Festival, then stayed in touch with us for many years. You may even have  been dancing with us for decades… all the way back to Director Anara Frank’s first project JAM’NASTICS!

Regardless whether your involvement is in the past or the future, you are playing an important role in uplifting artists and supporting marginalized communities. 

Our collective

during Covid-19

COVID-19 has impacted many of the members of the MetaMovements Artist Collective across North America, DR, and Cuba. Events, classes, and trips are canceled around the world. This is devastating the income of self-employed artists and entertainers.

For the members in the US & Canada, we are grateful that we have been able to find income through temporary work, grant funding, or other types of aid. Our extended MM family in Cuba and the DR are in urgent need of resources to support their lives and continue their work. 

We have been working with our extended MetaMovements family to support each other, keep a positive mindset, and find solutions to stabilize ourselves during this challenging time!


In Cuba, artists have their basic needs met -- but without tourism, their source of income has halted. The situation is worsening as the US government tightens restrictions on remittances, and food supplies are running low due to the embargo.

In the DR there is no safety net for artists who earn income through tips or gig work, and again, without tourism, their situation is becoming drastic as well.

How you can help

Donate today to help us cover our urgent needs -- while we lay the groundwork for our future! We welcome all support -- you can volunteer or take our virtual dance classes as well.

Our urgent needs:

  • Employment to cover the basic costs of living

  • Access to the internet, telephone, and telecommunication devices.

  • Training to make the transition to virtual instruction, including:

    • English Language 

    • Filming & editing 

    • Entrepreneurial skills, such as marketing and social media

  • Support in marketing our virtual services to a wide audience

Short-term goals:

  • Weekly stipends and additional employment opportunities for our artists 

  • Payment for phone, internet, and other telecommunication needs

  • Professional development opportunities ​

​Long-term goals:

  • Stable monthly income for members of our collective​ 

  • Ongoing professional development 

  • Virtual communities that are sustainable through embargos, pandemics and other barriers to our income

Our vision for the future

An online membership-based learning platform where artists stay connected with their students and supporters and where they can share their passion with the world

Let us know what you'd like to hear about!

Salsa In the Parkwww.salsainthepark.org

Classes: www.metamovements.wixsite.com/classes

Cuba Travelwww.voyagetocuba.com

Dominican Republic Travel: www.mmculturalconnections.com

Boston Team

12 Marmion Street

Boston, MA 02130

New York Team

PO Box 670211

Bronx, NY 10467


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