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de lA Cruz

Instructor / Animador / Choreographer /

Dance Coach for Internationally-Recognized Dance Teachers



Kesnel, more commonly known as Farifeo or Fariseo, is originally from Santo Domingo and moved to live in Las Terrenas when he was fourteen years old. Fariseo remembers starting to dance when he was around five or six years old. Fariseo was focused on urban styles of dance when he lived in the capital, and he wasn’t able to go out dancing when he first arrived in Las Terrenas because of his age. Eventually, he made friends and got involved with the dance scene, making a name for himself due to his unique style and energy in dembow. After winning first place in a dance competition at Punta Popi, Fariseo was awarded with salsa dance classes, and upon completing them he was invited to work at the same dance school. Fariseo began training and working with MetaMovements, and he expresses great appreciation for Anara’s support in helping him find direction and in mentoring him professionally and at a personal level. Fariseo has worked at many dance festivals, collaborated with dembow artists, and seen great success in an array of competitions. He is well-known in the dance community for his contagious energy and signature moves. Fariseo is passionate about the communities and interpersonal connections that are facilitated through dance and the arts, and he hails dance as a preferred outlet and healing method for negative experiences and emotions. His journey as a dancer has inspired him to collaborate with MetaMovements in supporting the youth in Las Terrenas so that they too may have a chance to find a fulfilling career path through dance.

DANCE Genres

  • Bachata

  • Salsa On1

  • Salsa On2

  • Dominican

  • Son

  • Rueda & Casino

  • Dembow

  • Merengue

Teaching Specialties

  • Animacion, Bailes Urbanos, & Dembow

  • Traditional Bachata

  • Salsa On1 and On2: Men's styling & partner work

  • Traditional/Classic/Urban Merengue


  • Spanish

  • Creole

  • English, French, & Italian for Dance Instruction

Hobbies & Professional skills

  • Internal tourism

  • Videogames


  • Virtual Private Lessons

  • Choreography design and instruction


In his



"Farifeo is a talented and creative dancer with a strong energetic style, and he's an excellent teacher. He is highly skilled in dembow, bachata, and salsa, and his class was right at my level while also challenging me with a new twist on the usual skills."


(past MM traveler, MA)

fariseo 1.jpg


"I used to only danced to be able to feel the dance. When I reached the MetaMovements family, I felt a vibe-- a huge passion. They helped shape me, they taught me... You see how I speak now? I didn't used to speak like this, I spoke with a whole other vocabulary. I changed my attitude. I didn't change everything about myself because, you know, people evolve at their own pace, but I've improved a lot thanks to Anara and MM. I've improved in my teaching-- it's not that I'm famous now, but I like to say that I'm famous for the way I sing along as I dance. I sing, I transmit, I help people feel good. I can effectively communicate with people now, even though I don't speak much English yet, with work and support I'll get there."

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