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Covid 19 Update:

Covid 19 Update:

In compliance with the advice of local, state, and federal entities -- our in-person events and trips were all postponed or canceled.  Now that MA is in Phase 3 of its re-opening plan, we have hosted in-person classes outdoors following safety guidelines -- looking ahead to the winter months in Boston, we will be focusing on virtual dance & music opportunities.  You can also dance and learn with us virtually, no matter where you are!  


Check out our current services page to see how you can join us in-person and online… and stay tuned for what’s next as re-opening continues in Boston and beyond.


You can be sure that as it becomes possible, we'll be back to doing what we love: traveling, hosting events & classes, and entertaining!  Stay on our mailing list to be the first to know when things will be happening  :)

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Salsa In the Parkwww.salsainthepark.org

Cuba Travelwww.voyagetocuba.com

Dominican Republic Travel: www.mmculturalconnections.com

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