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dance with us

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Immerse yourself in new techniques and learn secrets that will help you take your dancing to the next level!


Apply today, and work with Anara to create your personalized program within a schedule that works for you… and you will be welcomed into a group of dedicated dance-lovers who share your passion and are ready to take a huge leap forward!


We host dance, fitness, and numerous other events. Check out our calendar to see how and when you can join us in person, online, or via live broadcast!


Enjoy direct attention from an instructor in a private or group setting. Prices & offerings vary... contact us for more details!


Contract us to bring movement, joy, and games to your virtual party! With over 20 years of experience working in event and performance coordination ... we know how to get everyone dancing, even through a screen. 

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The impact of your purchase

Your support right now is critical to keeping us going during these challenging times. All income after expenses goes directly to supporting the artists. Learn more below!

These projects would not be possible without the support of generous donors.  Learn more:

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