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Community, Friendship, & Cultural Exchange

A family of instructors, students, volunteers, & donors.

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Professional development & opportunities for artists

A space for artists  to create, learn,

& grow as leaders.

A creative public health intervention, when movement is needed most.

safe & healthy

activities for dancers

The World Needs Connection.

Artists Need Support. People Need Movement.

We had the dream of building an online school and learning center for many years. We envisioned a platform that could help each artist member take their craft to the highest level, and enable them to share their passion with the world, while staying connected to their past students, all those who supported them along the way, and connect with people in other parts of the world. 

The pandemic pushed us to manifest that dream sooner than we anticipated. In accordance with public health guidelines, we stopped all of our typical in-person programming... which had a devastating effect on our income, as well as our mental & physical well being. As we entered into those uncertain times, our collective’s artists quickly mobilized to create a virtual solution and we requested your support to make it happen!

Since the start of quarantine and we’ve fundraised over $18,000... and accomplished so much. Our community is incredible  -- and we are truly grateful for all that you have done for us, and absolutely elated that we could continue to serve you during this pandemic. 

Since March 2020 we have:

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

From artists in the US, Cuba, & DR

Supported 30+


By providing professional development, emergency funding, work opportunities, and internet connection.

Produced events & class for 500+ clients 

Both virtual and in person.

Produced 200+ 



Help us finish 2021 strong and take our program to the next level for 2022!

With your donations of money, time and/or resources, you’ll be supporting the artists as well as be a part of developing more security for their futures. You will also get to enjoy the fruits of their labors by learning from instructional video and other educational materials they have created (and will continue to produce) all while staying in touch and keeping updated on their journey.

OUR Impact


Professional development & opportunities for artists

In 2017 when I met [MetaMovements], I had a very limited view of life... [their] arrival brought a wider space for my personal and professional growth.  They really added value to my life, especially in areas like responsibility, commitment and teamwork, as well as the chance to learn about other cultures, breaking barriers like I’ve dreamed about many time before.  Since I’ve known them, all my dreams have come true.

- Carlos Gomez

Dance Instructor, Dominican Republic



Creating Community, Friendship, & Cultural Exchange

I have always loved to dance however by working with MetaMovements, it was able to show me dance in a new light and the power it had in community building and how dance can be used as a means of community outreach. Working within Salsa in the Park was one of my favorite parts because it is amazing to watch how we helped create something big, and most importantly the environment and vibe that was created is incredible. Being a part of something that enables hundreds of people to dance together, or come and listen and play with the music is amazing. We are able to attract the young and old and it evolves into a celebration of community and diversity that is not always seen so directly. 

- Metea Koronas

MetaMovements High School Intern with the "Mayor's Summer Youth Employment Program."


safe & healthy

activities for dancers

MetaMovements always brings joy to people, but check out what they're doing now... bringing artists from Cuba, the DR, Boston, and people from everywhere else to experience dance, karaoke, shines, dance history, and celebrate. Such a wonderful thing to experience this morning (Tokyo time) with 50+ other people on zoom!! Such joy to experience love & family, thank you!! 

- Jenessa Carder

Performance Team Member, Traveler, & Volunteer

Serving the artists in our collective... while creating dynamic and engaging programs for our community!

By supporting our program, not only are you assisting artists in their professional development...  you also are a part of creating a sustainable business that fulfills a critical need in our communities.

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