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Dancer / Instructor

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Joined the Movement: 2017

Frank first came to MetaMovements as a young teenager, when he visited his older cousins –Farifeo & Swagger– and performed traditional Dembow in our Dance History Showcases.  He loved being a part of the shows, and he was excited to learn more styles of dance. He witnessed the way his cousins and other young dancers in Las Terrenas were developing their skills in the MM collective and starting to find work as instructors and hosts of dance events. Seeing that dance could be a viable career path, he spoke to his mother about it.  She believed in him and they decided that he would leave his home in Santo Domingo and move to Las Terrenas with his cousins to pursue his training and his dream! 

When he started learning Partner Dancing, it was really challenging for him–much harder than Dembow. He had to become very focused, attending extra training sessions with his coaches, and dedicating himself 100% to his goals. Today, that hard work has paid off as he is now recognized as one of the top young dancers on the island!  He has also become a beloved instructor and a leader amongst his peers– known for his inspiring positive energy, and his outstanding ability to break down the movements in a way that everyone can learn. He cares deeply about his students and his fellow dancers, and he is always looking for ways to use his skills to help others succeed as well!


When we asked Frank why joining our movement has been so meaningful for him, here’s what he had to say:

"I've really learned a lot at MetaMovements and I'm still learning everyday. With MM you really never stop learning and growing. There's always something new to try!  With Anara I studied Salsa on1, Salsa on2, Cuban Salsa, Rueda de Casino, Lead & Follow Technique, but also many other things that you might not expect."


"For example, some of the most important skills I gained for my career were how to teach a class, how to express myself and speak comfortably in public, and how to be professional while working.


I was also able to study English, Gymnastics, and partner lifts… There are just so many things that have helped me get to where I am today.  I'm very grateful to her, to this community, to my family, and to God. Really, I am so happy here, and I am doing what I love!”


Frank's Perspective as a member of the MMrd Team:

One thing that is really special about MMRD (MetaMovements Republica Dominicana) is how we have created a “family feeling”. Really, when you get support and love, that’s what makes you able to build confidence to try new things and to keep working at it even when you feel like you are not good enough. They help you believe in yourself. If you make a mistake, they will help you find ways to fix and learn from it.


They also teach us about supporting each other and how we can be more successful when we work together and help each other. I really started to understand these things when learning  to train other dancers in what I had learned. For each training we not only planned what we were going to teach, but also how we were going to build up each person’s confidence and help them feel good about themselves. This is only possible when you create that safe “family feeling” first… and that is now something we do to welcome a new group of travelers so that they can build confidence and learn quickly!

Another part of that “family feeling” is that we have support in times of emergency.  We had help during the pandemic, when hurricanes  hit our town really hard, when there was a bad fire in town where we worked, and when someone had a personal crisis. It’s this feeling that we have a big international MM family that cares about and supports us, and we do the same in return. In the end, I think this “family feeling” is the most important thing.

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