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MM International Choreo Project

As many of you who have traveled with us know, MetaMovements collaborates with artists in Cuba and the Dominican Republic to bring travelers to their countries for authentic, immersive dance and music experiences.  Through these travel programs, we build meaningful, lasting relationships across borders, inspiring positive ripple effects that impact not only our own lives, but our entire communities. We learn so much through our shared passion for music and dance, as we work together to find ways to make careers in the arts more sustainable and equitable everywhere. 

Another way that we collaborate is through our MM International Choreo Project with a group of artists on each island, as they develop exciting new choreographies to share with the world!

Choose to be part of one choreo project from Cuba or Dominican Republic or choose to be part of both! These choreographies will help you dive into and expand your movement vocabulary with dances that originated in Cuba (Son, Rueda, Afro-Cuban, Timbaton, and more) and in the DR (Merengue, Bachata, Dembow, and more). Through Bootcamps and Private Lessons (individual or group) we learn the choreographies and prepare for Local and International performance opportunities!

Separate sections of the choreographies are designed for beginner to advanced levels. Though performance is not required, it is highly encouraged as a way of challenging yourself while sharing the work of artists who are unable to perform it with us -- unless you visit them on their island!

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Upcoming bootcamps to learn the choreographies

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We are excited to announce our bootcamps to learn the 2024 choreographies and animaciones made by our team of artists in Cuba (MMCuba) and the Dominican Republic (MMRD) as part of MM’s International Choreo Project in collaboration with J&L Dance Studio, Tina Cavicchio/Next Level Fusion and Masacote! 

With the variety of dance styles in both choreographies, the choreographies are organized into sections with a variety of styles & complexities, so that dancers from a range of levels and genres can all look amazing together on stage!  Each dancer will learn different segments of the choreography, so that we achieve an exciting and dynamic stage-play with dancers entering and exiting throughout. Join us at an upcoming bootcamp to prepare to lead animaciones and have the opportunity to perform with our choreo crew at socials, festivals, Salsa In The Park and other locations… as well as in the DR or Cuba if you decide to take a trip! Upcoming bootcamps:

MMCuba Choreography
Saturday June 15th 1pm-4pm

Cambridge Athletic Club

215 First Street
Cambridge, MA 02142
Cost: $89

$10 off for the first 5 people who register! 

Discount codes available for Next Level Fusion & Masacote Students



Additional ways to learn the Choreographies...

Individuals interested in joining the movement have the following options:

  • Private lessons with MMTeam dance coaches (in Boston or on one of the islands if you travel with us)

  • Semi-private lessons with MMTeam dance coaches (in Boston or on one of the islands if you travel with us)

Dance groups or schools interested in joining the movement have the following options:

  • Host a choreo bootcamp for MM choreo project coaches to teach the choreography at your location on a date that works best for your school/team

  • Request choreography to be created by the MMCuba team or MMRD in dance style(s) of your choice for your school/team to perform exclusively

  • Request to collaborate on a new choreography with our teams


Regardless of the option you choose, we are excited to have you join us in this effort. The artists have also prepared new animaciónes that you and your school/team could learn and use to engage audiences in whatever social dance environment you are in! 

Email us at for more information and to schedule private lessons, semi-private lessons as well as to request special bootcamps, new choreographies and collaborations.

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