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Dancer / Instructor

La Habana, Cuba

Joined the Movement: 2010

Headshots 051616 (4)_edited.jpg
Headshots 051616 (4)_edited.jpg

Before joining MetaMovements, Dailin had been a professional dancer in several prominent dance companies, participated in televised dance and theater productions, and traveled internationally on tour.  She joined MetaMovements in 2010 after hearing the enthusiastic comments from other dancers in her company who were already participating in the program. She quickly became recognized for her radiant energy, her collaborative mindset, and the way she could lift the spirits of her students and team members in any situation. 


Dailin has worn many hats while being a part of MetaMovements, from participating in performances and showcases, to teaching travelers salsa and getting them on the dance floor at parties, to creating video reels for travelers as well as for MetaMovements’ social media profiles. Today she also helps coordinate logistics and trains new team members. No matter what role she has played, it’s been a success!

When we asked Dailin why joining our movement has been so meaningful for her family, here’s what she had to say:

"MetaMovements has contributed a lot to my life in both my career and personal goals.  I was proud of my career as a professional dancer, but I had started feeling that something was missing…and that’s when I found MetaMovements.


The training I received and life experience I gained helped me in so many ways. I hope that MetaMovements continues to grow and strengthen as a company and community, and that more artists can become a part of the collective and bring their strengths and talents with them."


"The most special part of being a part of MetaMovements is the strong sense of community, respect, and unity we share. I felt so supported and connected each time I was pregnant, as well as after the birth of my children--which isn't common in the professional dance world. I've always been encouraged to find ways to continue working and advancing my career through all stages in my life."


Dailin's Perspective as a member of the MMCuba Team:

When I arrived at my first MetaMovements activity, I knew I was in the right place. I found a spectacular group of people full of energy, driven to learn and advance in their careers and, most importantly, the desire to do so collectively. That is exactly what I had been seeking throughout my entire dance career– a space where people supported and grew together, instead of the typical model where the dancers are all competing against each other in order to survive.

Another thing I love about our community is that we offer so much more than dance & music even though these two things bring tremendous joy, and are ever-present in our work.


We also help travelers learn more about Cuba in a deeper and broader way because each team-member is encouraged to highlight their unique strengths in our programs by designing new activities that everyone has loved.


Together we've created interesting ways to share so much that we were passionate about, like history, cooking, visual arts, language exchange and more… It has been so exciting for me to have the freedom and support to share more aspects of myself and my culture with others!

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