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Custom trips to Cuba


Enjoy a personalized and authentic Cuba experience with our MM team!  You’ll dance and enjoy music every day, explore “off-the-beaten path'', and support artists & entrepreneurs by utilizing their services AND by helping them in areas they have requested!  Areas of requested support include shooting videos, improving their social media accounts, creating marketing tools, improving English skills, & more… all things that will increase their work opportunities in this post-pandemic period!

Customize Your Program Today!

  • Your choice of personalized dance, music and/or language lessons

  • Your choice of evening dance & music activities with the MM Team 

  • A variety of Cultural Exchange Activities with the MM Team, designed with your special interests in mind, and planned in a way that fulfills your U.S. program requirements

  • Access to experts in dance, music, language, culture, history and other points of interest

MetaMovements Program Package

  • A full-time schedule of classes and activities that meets U.S. & Cuban regulations, as well as your personal goals

  • Schedule Guarantee: The schedule in Cuba is always subject to change, but the regulations are clear that you must complete a full program regardless (6-8 hours per day!). In the event of an in-country schedule change, we will either arrange or provide options for activities that will fulfill US regulations as well as meet your travel interests & goals.

Accommodations, Meals & Transportation

  • Lodging in a Casa Particular with ample space for dance training and activities

  • A neighborhood tour so you can find what you need and arrange sensible meeting places

  • Welcome Dinner with Hosts 

  • Home-cooked Breakfast with Orientation 

  • Farewell Activity with artists & hosts

  • Transportation to included program activities 

  • Airport Transfers


MetaMovements Support Package

  • A pre-departure briefing, travel preparation & consultation (including packing & spending advice, as well as other Cuba travel tips)

  • Knowledgeable & friendly Cuban hosts who will meet with you each day to assist you in coordinating any special requests or to give you updates regarding your schedule

  • Consultation on how to fulfill and document the US legal requirements for Cuba travel

  • 24-hour assistance available in the case of emergencies

Add-On Options

  • Photo/Video Shoot

  • Private Lesson Packages

  • Additional Activities or Special Requests

Not Included in Package Price 

  • Flights & Visa

  • Tipping & Gratuities 

  • Alcoholic Beverages

Fill out the inquiry form for a price quote
Please submit requests 6 weeks or more before preferred travel dates
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