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for artists in the DR & Cuba

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JULY 11 - AUGUST 3, 2022

get ready for an amazing summer!

Immerse yourself in new techniques and learn secrets that will help you take your dancing to the next level!

Anara has trained thousands of dancers, and has the unique ability to help each person set and achieve their individual goals, while simultaneously supporting the group in their advancing together. You will have the feeling of being on a team, where everyone helps each other succeed!

Apply today, and work with Anara to create your personalized program within a schedule that works for you… and you will be welcomed into a group of dedicated dance-lovers who share your passion and are ready to take a huge leap forward!

opportunities to train in

Cuban Modern ~ Horton Technique ~ Salsa Spinning,  Styling & Shines

Movement & Musicality ~ On1 & On2 ~ Flexibility & Fitness

training session details

Training Dates

July 11 - Aug 3, 2022

Days & Location

Mondays (Cambridge) & Wednesdays (Jamaica Plain) 


6:30 -10 PM

After registration and submitting your application, Anara will update you on your specific training schedule.

How to Apply

1. If you're ready to register, proceed to the payment section below.

2. Select your training package & proceed to the payment page.

3. After payment has been made, you will receive an email with an application to complete.

4. Once you've completed the application, Anara will contact you to design your optimal training program.

Have Questions?

Interested in trying an individual training session or have other questions

(i.e. need financial aid to participate, not sure which package to sign up for, etc)


Click the "GOT A QUESTION" button below to send Anara an email.


ready to register?


Register in advance to secure your spot

Exact address to be provided after registration is completed.  

(We love dancing in parks, but at times we will use an indoor location due to weather and/or need for a mirror or wood floor for what we are working on)



*1 time use only


4hr package

4 Hours


10hr package

10 Hours


20hr package

20 Hours





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