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we're moving...
our email sender!

We hear you!

We've heard from many of you that our email newsletters don't always make it to your inbox, and that bums us out.  While there are many reasons why you may not have seen our email (SPAM, accidental delete, too much email clutter), we're moving systems to make future communications more streamlined. 

To keep our emails going to ONLY those folk who want to receive them, over the coming quarter, we'll be sending out notifications about our upcoming system switch.   Want to make sure you get our emails?  Here are the ways you can help!

  • Open your MM emails - we'll be cleaning up our lists and removing folks who don't open/read/click

  • Add our EM address ( to your safe sender list (Not sure how? Check out hints below)

  • EM us directly & let us know!  We'll check our systems behind the scenes to make sure everything is working

  • Email not your thing?  Follow us on our socials!



Here are a couple of video tutorials from some of the most common email providers.  Watch to learn how to add MM to your email safe senders and help make sure you don't miss out on the latest news & updates from us!


  • Other areas to check

  • Check your SPAM folder

  • Check the Promotions/Social tabs in your inbox

  • Check the All Mail button on the left navigation menu


  • Other ideas

  • Add MM ( to your address book

  • Open Yahoo Mail and log in

  • Navigate to “Settings” then click “More Settings.” Image Source

  • Select “Filters” and hit “Add new filters” to enter

  • Name the filter and add the email address

  • Select to send all mail to “Inbox.”

  • Save your settings


  • Other ideas

  • Add MM ( to your address book

  • Log in to your AOL account

  • Open “Contacts” from the left navigation pane

  • Click the “New Contact” icon and add the email address

  • Click the “Add Contact” button, and you’re set

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