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Instructor / Choreographer / Performer / Animador




Enrique, more commonly known as Kike, was born and grew up in La Habana, Cuba. He first started dancing at age six in elementary school as well as in a school for dance and theatre. Kike first learned the typical Cuban dance styles. He remembers opening up a dance show, dancing the part of the Orisha Eleggua. Eleggua is represented by a boy who opens and closes pathways, so in this case he was opening them, at the end of which he announced "the paths for community culture are opened". While studying in university, Kike auditioned for the company Via Danza, and was hired to teach salsa and traditional Cuban dances. With Via Danza he was able to partake in the various events and festivals that the company hosts each year. Kike credits much of his dance formation to the time he spent learning from other instructors there. 

Dance plays a central role in Kike's life and, though it has served as a way for him to support himself financially, the most important part for him is witnessing the growth of his students as dancers. He celebrates watching his students dance and seeing the joy it inspires reflected in their faces. His goal is to help his students reach their own goals, and to help them always leave class a little happier than they were when they entered.


Popular Cuban Styles (“Populares”) / Rumba / Cha cha cha / Salsa / Bachata




  • Sports/Fitness

  • Culinary Arts

  • Professional Chauffeuring 





"My experience with MetaMovements has been wonderful. For the first time I have been able to learn other styles of dance and about another culture. I've learned a different way to dance salsa, and I learned bachata taught by Carlos Gomez from the Dominican Republic, who was spectacular. I am grateful to Anara and Yoen for their tireless contributions and to all the members of the MetaMovements collective that make it such a wonderful project with a promising future."

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