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Instructor / Choreographer / Performer / Animador






Michel graduated from the Tony Menendez dance school as a professional dancer and stayed on to begin his career there. He participated in galas, performances in prominent centers, and even in two television programs. Michel’s last performance with Tony Menendez’s school was in 2010 at the festival for the Premios Lucas, where he shared a stage with well-known artists such as El Chacal and La Charanga Habanera. Michel also participated in a project called Proyecto Fiesta Caliente led by Maykel Blanco y Su Salsa Mayor, an internationally celebrated Cuban band. Michel has participated in various dance groups and events over the years, including a music video for French singer Orly Solomon with whom he also participated in a program (television?), presenting Zumba choreography together. Michel spent four years with the dance company Havana Queens during which time he was chosen as the principal dancer in their production of Del Bus. The company also received an esteemed arts award, “Premio Enrique Almirante,” during Michel’s time with them. In 2018, the Havana Queens company traveled to Cologne, Germany, providing Michel with the opportunity to perform in his leading role in Europe. 2019 brought the beginning of Michel's work with the dance company Revolution which he continues to this day (continued until 2020? 2021?). Although Michel has studied and worked in finance and accounting, his real passion lies in dancing and in music which “fill his life with positive energy.” Michel sings and plays various instruments including the Güiro, the Clave, and the Maracas.

Michel values all he has learned from his experiences with MetaMovements. He expresses deep gratitude for the unity of the group and is enthusiastic about the continued growth and positive energy he sees in the community’s future. Michel’s personal goals for the future? “It’s called improvement with no limit."


Son / Salsa / Mambo / Cha Cha Cha / Pilon / Rumba / Bachata / Ballet


Spanish / English for dance instruction


  • Finance & Accounting

  • Singing

  • Playing Instruments: Güiro, Clave, and Maracas

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