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Instructor / Choreographer / Performer / Animador


Roelis Gutiérrez


Roelis first learned to dance in Santiago de Cuba during his third year of university. He started with Casino classes and was so inspired he decided to found a dance group to perform in an art festival hosted by the Universidad del Oriente. In 2011, Roelis participated in a dance group called "Adrenalina S.O.S" which was dedicated to cultural preservation, and he won first place in a local competition held by Santiago de Cuba's municipal cultural centre. Roelis graduated from university in 2013 with a degree in computer engineering and received the award for most culturally involved student in the electrical engineering department. Upon graduating Roelis started teaching dance to visiting foreigners and created another dance group, this time called "People Dance." With this group, he became very involved with the production of music videos for a band called El Septeto Santiaguero, including the video for their hit "La Meneadera". Later on, Roelis moved to La Habana and has taught dance in various schools there. In 2018 Roelis participated in the international dance festival, Dance4Two.

Roelis describes dance as "medicine through rhythm", and appreciates how it allows one to connect more deeply not only with themself but with others as well. He also celebrates how dancing can improve mood, increase self-esteem, enhance intelligence, and slow cognitive decline.

When he's not dancing, Roelis loves to write and study foreign languages, cultures, and traditions. He is a passionate lifelong learner and believes in the importance of learning through listening.

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Popular Cuban Styles (“Populares”) / Cha cha cha / Rumba / Rueda / Timbatón / Salsa / Cuban-style Bachata / Kizomba


Spanish / English / French & German for dance instruction


  • Writing

  • Marketing & Public Relations

  • Intercultural Exchange


Popular Cuban Styles (“Populares”) / Folkloric Cuban Dance / Timbaton / Salsa


Spanish / English 


Dance Instructor / Performer / Choreographer / Animator

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"What I most appreciate about MetaMovements is the organized way in which we collaborate and the constant communication maintained between program coordinators and instructors. It is an environment of training and learning that facilitates our growth as teachers, allowing us to strengthen in skills that improve our dancing and our dance instruction. I enjoy the constant state of intercultural exchange that I experience with MetaMovements, and the opportunity to work on my English language skills!"

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