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Instructor / Singer / Musician / Choreographer / Performer 

Sahilys cisnero torres


Sahilys was born in Santiago de Cuba and grew up in la Habana. She started dancing at just three years of age in a company dedicated to folkloric arts for children. She later studied classical ballet as well. She also was involved early on with the Colmenita organization.

Art and music have always played a central role in Sahilys' life, and they allow her to feel free and express herself. She has been performing since she was a child on stages and television programs. Her favorite arts festivals are El Festival del Tambor and El Festival de la Salsa. 

Sahilys teaches music and acting with dance, and she hopes that her students all feel they are learning something worthwhile that will serve them in the future. She hopes to one day own her own company and establish her own style [of teaching? dancing? music?].



Salsa Cubana / Son / Traditional Cuban Dance Styles


Spanish / English / Italian


  • Singing

  • Acting

  • Playing Musical Instruments

  • Teaching Children

  • Horseback Riding


"I feel really good about my collaboration with MetaMovements. I have the opportunity to practice speaking various languages as well as dancing different genres of dance. I've learned to work well in a team and how to lead in salsa (instead of always following!). I've had the opportunity to meet wonderful friends and incredible teachers, all of whom I am very grateful for."

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