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About our collective

Individual Artists with Common Goals

We are an entrepreneurial Artist Collective dedicated to using the arts as a tool for positive transformation. We may have come from different places, we may have lived different lives, and we may dance different styles… but there is something that has brought us together and keeps us united, and that is our philosophy, our mentality and our mindset.

Over 40 artists from Cuba, the Dominican Republic and North America are now a part of MetaMovements, and we have grown tremendously--both personally and professionally--through our connection over the years.  We have all learned new styles of dance, improved how we teach our own personal styles, and together created new fusions and innovations!  We have also inspired each other to increase our physical abilities through fitness and technique training, and to increase our knowledge through study of the music, the history, and even the science behind our favorite styles.  We have counseled each other and we have cheered for each other, and learned how to care for each other.  We have gained appreciation for each of our countries and cultures, in the similarities and the differences. 


It has been an amazing experience, and one we have loved sharing with all of you when you have entered our programs in Havana, Santiago, Santo Domingo, Las Terrenas, Boston, New York, or other places in North America.  

Our Programs

North America

Artists' Pages under construction!


The dominican


Artists' Pages under construction!

Artists' Pages under construction!

What's behind our name:

In Spanish "Meta" means goal... In Ancient Greek the prefix "Meta"- means change or transformation. Combine that with the word "Movement" and our name summarizes one of our most important purposes: to help individuals & communities achieve their goals experience a metamorphosis through movement!

Our collective Model:

We are all self-employed artist-entrepreneurs -- who believe in the power of operating as a part of a collective! 

What does this mean exactly?

  • We support each other's individual projects

  • We cross-train in each other's styles and coach each other to progress in our goals

  • We share supplies such as vehicles, computers, cameras, tablets, etc. -- allowing us to operate our programs in a more cost-effective way

  • We collaborate on larger-scale events and projects that would not be possible on our own

  • We work in our areas of strength to support one another's individual work and also our collaborative programs.Some of us are grant writers, accountants, or customer service specialists... some of us are videographers or graphic designers, and some of us are interns or students developing our professional skills. 

Operating as a team saves us time and money, and allows us to amplify our efforts 10 fold. It's not always easy, but it's worth it.

Our history:

From a Nonprofit organization

to a consulting company


from a youth leadership Initiative

to a professional development program

From a local dance school

to an international Artist collective 


The story of our evolution coming soon!

Meet the artists:

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