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Our programs

We typically provide classes, travel programs, and events -- building community and celebrating music and dance.

We are most known for our event Salsa in the Park, as well as our trips to Cuba & the Dominican Republic.



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In compliance with the advice of local, state, and federal entities --

All of our in-person events, classes, and trips are postponed until further notice.

However -- read on to learn more about our current virtual programs & offerings! 

virtual Dance TRAINING & 

cultural exchange opportunities

Our classes, trips, and events are special to so many -- we wanted to keep that feeling and connection alive all year round and wherever YOU are.  So, we've built the following ways for you to continue dancing at home!  With your participation, you’ll be supporting the artists through this difficult time, as well as be a part of developing their futures. 

Online Video Library

Enjoy instructional video series from our instructors in Cuba, DR, & North America that allow you to practice your skills, learn technique, and have fun all from the comfort of your living room!  These "Lines of Study" have been made available due to the hard work of our Artists and Volunteers and contributions made by our generous donors! (Music-Making and "Party Dances" will be available soon!)

  • Each "Line of Study" has its own Google Drive folder, with dozens of videos designed to help you meet your goals at home. 

  • Donate $25/month to our program to get monthly access to ONE folder of your choice. Additional folders are only $10/month/folder!

  • Topics available to explore at home:


& Flexibility



& more


& folkloric

Contemporary & modern

*This section includes on1, on2, casino & more, as many dancers in Cuba utilize the name "Cuban Salsa" for Casino/Timba they are doing today.


Some of these options are coming soon while others need to be scheduled together with you and an instructor, so click the "Sign Up" button to let us know which program(s) you're interested in hearing about!


Training Groups

Learning is more fun in a community! Training groups provide support & motivation.


Private Lessons

Get private one on one coaching from some of your favorite instructors!


Live Classes

Get the feeling of a studio class... right from the comfort of your living room.

Whether it's a birthday party, corporate meeting, or webinar... the best way to spice up your virtual event is dance, music, and culture!

With over 20 years of experience, our team at MetaMovements offers high-quality arts programming promoting wellness, diversity, creativity & community building, hosting special events and socials, performance, and providing instruction (dance, theater & percussion).  

Since being in quarantine... we have worked hard to provide the same programming, online! 

Contact us today for a consultation!

Your Purchase's impact

By using our services, you are supporting sustainable employment and professional development opportunities for the artists in our collective! 

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