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Instructor / Animador / Choreographer / Coordinator / Promoter / Creative



Sterling Cabral Marte is a talented dancer and cultural enthusiast hailing from the Dominican Republic. Growing up amidst social challenges, Sterling developed resilience and a drive to create positive change. From a young age, he immersed himself in various dance forms, particularly salsa and bachata, and discovered the transformative power of movement and music.

As Sterling entered adulthood, he embarked on a journey to pursue his passion for dance professionally. He honed his skills in salsa and bachata, while also exploring other dance styles such as afro-cuban and contemporary. Alongside his dance endeavors, Sterling actively collaborated with renowned salsa and bachata artists and led teams of dancers in various projects. His dedication to preserving cultural heritage and promoting dance tourism has made him a respected figure in the Dominican dance scene.

Today, Sterling continues to make a significant impact as a dance host and coordinator in the Dominican Republic. Through his work with MetaMovements and other organizations, he shares his expertise, teaches dance classes, and organizes cultural experiences for tourists interested in exploring the rich history and vibrant dance traditions of the island. Sterling's unwavering commitment to dance, culture, and community serves as an inspiration to aspiring dancers and cultural enthusiasts around the world.

DANCE Genres

  • Dominican  and Cuban Son

  • Bachata (Traditional, modern, sensual)

  • Merengue

  • Salsa On2, On1, Cuban

  • Dembow

  • Rumba

  • Afrocuban

Teaching Specialties

  • Traditional Bachata: footwork and mens styling

  • Dominican Son

  • Salsa On2

  • Spanish and English for dance teaching purpose


  • Spanish

  • English 

Hobbies & Professional skills

  • GYM

  • Travel

  • Watching science, philosophy, and history YouTube channels


  • Virtual Private Lessons

  • Bachata and Son Workshops

  • ​Social media and wix-page developing​​

  • Dominican Republic dance tours hoster


In His

Learning the roots of bachata can sometimes be challenging if your spanish is limited. Sterling is a great teacher who can help non-spanish speaking students acceperate their bachata studies and is always improving his own English skills. Especially when social dancing, Sterling leads by example, so as a follower, you can always learn new techniques—as quickly as in one social dance.

— Student, USA


In his own words

"I am a member of the MetaMovements Artist Collective, and I am dedicated to sharing my love for dance, music, language, and culture with others. I lead a group of dance hosts in the Dominican Republic who teach classes, perform, and lead animaciones. Additionally, I provide coordination for groups of travelers who are interested in exploring historical, cultural, and dance points of interest on the island. Whenever possible, I also work with children and youth, fostering their passion for these art forms." 

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