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We're in this together

When President Trump restricted travel to Cuba and imposed harsher sanctions, many travel agencies switched to other destinations. We stayed, and shifted our focus towards artist training and developing a virtual program.  In 2017 when hurricanes hit the Caribbean hard, and in 2019, when a false news cycle brought Dominican tourism to a halt--each time we decided to stay the course and focus on preparing artists for online work in the future.  Our priorities are clear:  we will stick together through the challenges, and adapt to find a new path to success.  Now in 2020, we are facing our biggest challenge yet, but we are convinced that together we can make something amazing happen.

We are ready to dance with you... at home!

In March 2020, as we started to glimpse the gravity of the pandemic and the accompanying shut-down, members in all three locations mobilized quickly to build a unified team and worked to launch our virtual program early... and we are so excited for you to join us!  With your donations of money, time and/or resources, you’ll be supporting artists through this pandemic, while simultaneously helping us build a more stable future: a sustainable source of income that can withstand the fluctuations of the volatile tourism and entertainment industries. In return, you will get to enjoy the fruits of our labors immediately through our growing library of instructional videos and other educational materials - now online.

How the Supporters Circle Works

Your donations will provide weekly stipends to artists during the shutdown -- making it possible to train, research, and create videos for all of you. These videos will become a part of our school & online learning community. These funds will also enable us to cover critical costs for coordination, internet connection for working artists, costs of building the platform, and producing videos.

Step 2:

Sign up to


This project will only be successful through a coordinated effort by our team and our supporters -- there's a job for everyone, whether it's posting on social media a few times a week, writing a grant, editing or translating videos, or one of our many other volunteer options.

Our gifts include instructional videos to help you continue your training, animaciones & challenges that bring us together, memorable presentations, personalized messages from the artists, updates on the progress of the project, and much more -- and your input will help us create the best gift for YOU, as you will be able to request content to be created for the future.

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Let us Express our thanks!

A sneak peek into the project

Since we have been visualizing what we are creating as a digital school, we will use that analogy to say:  The school is still under construction, but we would like all of YOU, our on-going supporters, to come on in anyways, take a tour, try out our classes, and give us a hand so we can finish building it together!

our Team

Over 30 artists from Cuba, the Dominican Republic & North America are now a part of the MetaMovements Artist Collective. We have each grown tremendously--both personally and professionally--through our collaboration over the years.  We have all learned new styles of dance, improved how we teach our own styles, and together created new fusions and innovations!  We have gained appreciation for each of our countries and cultures.

We have also inspired each other to increase our physical abilities through fitness and technique training, and to increase our knowledge through the study of the music, the history, and even the science behind our favorite styles.

North America

Artists' Pages under construction!


Artists' Pages under construction!

The dominican


Artists' Pages under construction!

Dominican Republic

LInes of Study

We have divided our program into 6 lines of study, reflecting the areas we have trained and developed together.  Inside each line of study, you will find a variety of teachers and materials, for example...

  • Masters of each genre, sharing their art and culture with you, right from the source

  • Dancers who can connect with you through the screen, and share their joy and energy with you through an uplifting “animacion.”

  • Teachers who can help you break down movements and put them into your body like never before.

  • Artists who are connecting across borders, and are now passionate about styles that were not invented in the places they were born.

  • Charts, maps, timing tools, and other educational materials that will help you progress in new ways

Bachata, Salsa* & more




Contemporary & modern

Fitness & Flexibility



*This section includes on1, on2, casino & more, as many dancers in Cuba utilize the name "Cuban Salsa" for Casino/Timba they are doing today.

Support the project.

 learn while it grows.

Any contribution helps! We've created a way for donations of all sizes to have an impact on the program... and reap its rewards.

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