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Elizabeth rivera bido

Instructor / Animadora / Choreographer 



Elizabeth was born in La Romana and first learned to dance bachata from her mother at just five years of age. When she was 14, Elizabeth started dancing in dance groups and hasn't stopped dancing since! Having participated in many festivals-- including Bachata Paradise Festival, Bailamar Festival, Saint Barthelemy Festival-- and worked with various dance schools-- such as Camelot Cultural Center, By Bolivar Dance School, and Escuela Geovanny de Los Santos-- Elizabeth is a seasoned instructor, performer, and animador. As a mother to a beautiful little girl, Elizabeth is passionate about proving the vast and varied capabilities of women as artists and leaders. She works tirelessly to pave the way for the youth in Las Terrenas who love to dance and hope to turn it into a career one day too.

eliz 2.jpg

Dance Genres

  • Bachata

  • Salsa On1

  • Merengue

  • Dembow

  • Afro-Beat

  • Hip Hop

Teaching Specialties

  • Traditional & Modern Bachata: Musicality, partnering, lady's styling 

  • Salsa On1: partnering, lady's styling

  • Traditional/Classic/Mambo style merengue

  • Dembow & Hip Hop: Lady's style


  • Spanish

  • English

  • Italian for Dance Instruction

Hobbies & Professional skills

  • Singer-Rapper

  • Performer

  • Spanish language teacher

Available for

  • Virtual Private Lessons

  • Choreography design and instruction

  • Spanish language tutoring

In her

"I had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth both in group classes and for a private lesson on the beach. I am just learning Spanish, so I had to do a lot of following along while in the Dominican Republic. Elizabeth is working hard on her English. So, between following and her English, I was able to understand her instructions easily. She is an amazing dancer and instructor. She is very good at breaking down the body movements. She also starts with basics. If you have your basics down she begins to add on based on your level. Elizabeth makes it fun to work on bachata tradicional. Her personality is warm, caring and energetic . I truly learned so much from her and love every minute."

-Monica (Hairstylist, NH)

Clean Bubbles


"I've progressed in terms of my outlook and my attitude [during my time with MetaMovements]. Before, I could be a little negative, and I believed that there were things that I would never be able to accomplish. In that sense my mentality has changed completely to the point where I have pushed myself to take on greater risks and prove to myself and others that I am able to achieve everything I wish to in dance. Whether I'm leading or following, or working on a performance, I'm always present and ready to put forth my best effort."

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