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Freddy Frolier

Dance Instructor Assistant / Animador / Team Mentor


Freddy has only been dancing for a couple of years, and has quickly established himself as a positive and hardworking member of the group, as well as a mentor to the younger members. He credits his interest in dance to the way he watched his friends and community enjoying it and dedicating themselves passionately to their professional development as dancers. Freddy joined MetaMovements without knowing how to count even one 8-count of bachata, and just one year later he has the tools necessary to instruct beginners. Freddy has always dedicated himself to other trades, including running his own mechanic shop. Dance is occupying more and more of his time, and he looks forward to adding to the growing list of dance festivals at which he plans to participate in the future.

Freddy 2.jpg

DANCE Genres

  • Bachata

Teaching Specialties

  • Traditional Bachata for beginners


  • Spanish

  • French for Dance Instruction

Hobbies & Professional skills

  • Dance Instructor Assistant

  • Animador

  • Car Mechanic


  • Virtual Private Lessons

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In his



"Freddy has a knack for recognizing what level a student is at, helping them realize all they can already do at their level, and then bringing them forward to improve the quality of their dancing. He is a great partner dancer, and a pleasure to learn from."

-Ellen (past MM traveler, MA)


"I entered the dance world approximately one year ago. Before, I dedicated my time to other things... My progress during my time with MetaMovements has been substantial. When I first started I didn't know even one count of bachata or anything like that, I just danced to the music but I didn't know how to teach a class. Now at least I can say I know how to teach a bachata class."

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