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Instructor / Animadora / Choreographer


Marielys was born in Nagua, but her family is from Las Terrenas and she identifies Las Terrenas as her home. Five years ago, during the Bachata Paradise festival in Las Terrenas, Marielys met Bolivar of ByBolivar Dance School. He offered her an opportunity to visit his dance school and start studying salsa with him, and she decided to give it a try. Marielys already knew how to dance bachata at that point, but wasn’t familiar with the ways it is danced at dance schools and their socials. She studied dance technique and also began her journey as a salsera!
Since beginning five years ago, Marielys has also gained experience through her work with Juan Pablo at Alianza Dance and with Giovanni at Camelot Dance School.
Recently, Marielys and Juan Pablo earned first place in an international bachata dance competition hosted by ADN of Island Touch!
From the moment she began her journey as a professional dancer, Marielys realized how much she loved it all and couldn’t get enough. She says dance is her life now and she loves it. She hopes to earn a position in the international dance community and to be able to work with big dance schools all over the world.

DANCE Genres

  • Bachata: traditional, modern

  • Merengue: traditional, classic, mambo

  • Salsa On1

Teaching Specialties

  • Bachata partnering and ladies styling: all levels

  • Merengue partnering and ladies styling: all levels

  • Salsa On1 partnering: beginner


  • Spanish

  • English for Dance Instruction

  • Learning Italian for Dance Instruction

Hobbies & Professional skills

  • Social Media Assistant

  • Avid reader


  • Private virtual lessons

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In Her



"Marielys is such a joy to work with and learn from! She offers a kind and nonjudgemental space for learning, and she helps whoever she's dancing with feel comfortable and as excited about dancing as she is. Marielys's technique and energy are a testimony to how dedicated she is to her craft, and I feel so lucky to have had the chance to collaborate with and learn from her!"

— Maite (Volunteer/Past Traveler, MA)

In her own words

"I’m very satisfied with the time I’ve spent with MetaMovements because, from my first day with them, I’ve learned lots of great things. My English has gotten better with the help of MetaMovements, and I really like how we always help each other out within the group. I also learned how to dance Cuban-style salsa with MetaMovements, which I absolutely love. One of my favorite memories with MetaMovements is the little dance festival/show we used to do… I really enjoyed that."

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