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We're in this together

For several years, we've been building and envisioning a sustainable, collaborative economic model that helps us stay connected, stay learning, and stay dancing, even when politics, natural disasters, or financial crises have threatened our livelihood and well-being.

We can complete the cycle of suppo​rt together

Our teams have mobilized quickly to build a functioning online community... and we are so excited for you to join. With your donations of money, time and/or resources, you’ll be supporting the artists NOW in this challenging time while simultaneously helping build a more stable future: a source of income that can withstand the fluctuations of the volatile tourism industry. In return, you will get to enjoy the fruits of their labors immediately - through our growing library of instructional videos and other educational materials they have created.

We are Ready to Dance with you...

at home!

As a gift in exchange for your generous donation, you'll receive sample educational videos, a behind-the-scenes look into our artists' development as online educators and the opportunity to request content to be created for the future. 

Your donation and volunteer support makes all the difference while the artists are experiencing instability. With your help, you’ll not only stabilize them through this difficult time -- but you’ll create security for their future.

How The Supporters Circle 


A sneak peek into the project

content from these 3 regions 

North America


The dominican


Artists' Pages under construction!

Artists' Pages under construction!

Artists' Pages under construction!

Dominican Republic

LInes of Study

We've designed 6 different lines of study that reflect the diverse talents & expertise of the multi-faceted artists in our collective. During this initial phase, we have all decided to focus our training, research and creation of instructional videos in the areas of interest that we have in common with YOU. 

Bachata, Salsa* & more




Contemporary & modern

Fitness & Flexibility

Music Making

*This section includes on1, on2, casino & more, as many dancers in Cuba utilize the name "Cuban Salsa" for Casino/Timba they are doing today.

Support the project.

 learn while it grows.

Any contribution helps! We've created a way for donations of all sizes to have an impact on the program... and reap its rewards.

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