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Instructor / Animador / Choreographer /

Competitive Dancer



"Swagguer Boy"

De La Crus

Cristian, more commonly known by his artistic name Swagguer Boy, was practically born into dance. He describes his experience dancing as a natural response to music that he can’t control-- his feet and body start to move on their own. Swagguer grew up in the capital, Santo Domingo, where he worked as a professional competitor in urban dance competitions as well as an animador in popular bars and clubs. Upon moving to Las Terrenas, he credits Simon Bolivar (of By Bolivar Dance School) with first introducing him to social dances such as salsa and bachata, and to the profession of dance instruction with clients. Upon working under the mentorship of Anara Frank, Cristian says he has continued to broaden his scope of dance styles and has developed personally as well. Swagguer has worn many different hats professionally: he has experience working as a mechanic and in selling automotive parts; he’s worked in construction, plumbing, and painting; and Swagguer is a barber with his own barbershop in Las Terrenas. While he has had experience in many fields of work, Swagguer says he has chosen to focus on dance, as it is the gift God has given him and he must take advantage of that. With his positive mindset, work ethic, and dedication to his personal and professional development, Swagguer continues to see success in achieving his goals and in continuing to set new ones.

Dance Genres

  • Salsa On1

  • Salsa On2

  • Bachata 

  • Afro-Beat

  • Pachanga

  • Merengue

  • Dembow / Bailes Urbanos 

  • Cha Cha Cha

Teaching Specialties

  • Salsa On1 & On2: partner work and men's styling

  • Traditional Bachata

  • Dembow

  • Traditional & Classic Merengue


  • Spanish

  • English, Italian, & French for Dance Instruction

Hobbies & Professional skills

  • Competitive Dancer

  • Barber

  • Model


  • Virtual Private Lessons

  • Choreography Design & Instruction


In his



"Swagguer always impresses me with his energy. He challenges me to push myself in every class and has been so helpful in adding flavor to my dancing. Swagguer's classes are challenging but always fun, and he is so good about allowing his students enough freedom to play around and express themselves. I also admire Swagguer for his dedication to his own learning as a dancer and instructor, and I feel that this trait of his greatly enhances his teaching."

- Tolla (Entrepreneur, MA)

Clean Bubbles


"I've made huge progress during my time in the MetaMovements program-- a very cool progress that has allowed me to develop ways to effectively express myself to others. Another example is in my English-speaking abilities: before I didn't know how to say "hello" but now, thanks to MM, at least I can say that as well as other words and phrases. I've also learned a lot when it comes to dance. I've learned some Cuban Rumba, Afrobeat, and Cuban Salsa,which are all styles I didn't dance before. I used to only dance dembow, dembow, dembow-- I learned salsa and bachata when I came to Las Terrenas. Back then I was only interested in urban styles of music, but now I dance almost everything."

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