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Instructor / Animador / Choreographer /

Ambassador of International Dance Exchange

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Yernan has loved dancing and body movement since he was a young child. In 2012 he started to teach himself how to dance by watching videos online, and when he met MetaMovements, he was able to take off both as a dancer and an instructor. Yernan’s resume as a dancer is diverse, including: selling his own choreographies to clients; teaching at the Bachatu Dance Festival; teaching at the Camelot Dance Center in Las Terrenas; participating in an anniversary dance show for an international consulate; instructing dance on a reality TV show; and being selected for a MetaMovements trip to Cuba to learn Cuban styles of dance and participate in cultural exchange. Yernan also has experience working as a DJ, editing music, training in acrobatics, and is certified in various domains (bartending, phone repair, and computer science); however, he maintains that his real passion lies in dance. Yernan has a deep appreciation for the way dance has allowed him to meet people from all over the world and to share his culture with them while learning about theirs. He is passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge with others, and has been doing so since he first began learning to dance himself. Yernan is skilled in helping students fill in the gaps in their dancing, but he emphasizes that the most important part of teaching to him is ensuring that his students feel comfortable and happy while dancing.

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DANCE Genres

  • Bachata

  • Salsa On1

  • Salsa On2

  • Rueda & Casino

  • Rumba

  • Cha Cha Cha

  • Kizomba

  • Merengue

  • Son 

Teaching Specialties

  • Traditional/Modern/Sensual Bachata 

  • Salsa On1 & On2 partner work and styling

  • Dominican Son & Cuban Son

  • Traditional/Classical/Urban Merengue

  • Rueda: fusion, social dancing technique, figure variations, styling, musicality


  • Spanish

  • English for Dance Instruction

Hobbies & Professional skills

  • Participant in MetaMovements Cultural Exchange Programs


  • Virtual Private Lessons

  • Choreography design and instruction


In His students' words

"Yernan can dance bachata and salsa at a level that many aspire to and few can achieve. Being a great dancer doesn't always translate to being a great teacher, but in his case, I can enthusiastically say that he is both!"

-Ellen (previous MM traveler, MA)

Clean Bubbles


 "I've always loved teaching others. When I first started, I wanted to teach everything I was learning in dance to my peers... The way I used to teach wasn't the same as how I teach now. Thanks to MetaMovements, and specifically Anara, who've helped me learn how to teach. I've found my rhythm as a teacher, and I always focus on noticing what my students are missing so that I can teach them... I never had a teacher who helped me, so when I met MetaMovements, that was what pushed me and gave me more understanding of what dance is from the perspective of both a teacher and a dancer... What always inspires me is having the pleasure to meet new people from all over the world. And that those people can come visit Dominicana and get to know our culture"

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