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building this movement together!


Dear Friends of MetaMovements,

It’s been a year of bold moves and joyful (re)connection across MetaMovements’ amazing international dance community.


In 2023, we hosted more outdoor dance events in Greater Boston than we have since the start of the pandemic, returned to offering Latin dance programs for local schools, hosted two international artists through our Cultural Connections Exchange Program in Boston, revamped our Dance Ambassadors program and restarted our popular international dance-travel adventure programs welcoming multiple groups of travelers to the Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Montserrat. Travelers learned alongside a resilient team of artists in those countries who have continued to share their artistic passion in the wake of a serious fire, multiple hurricanes, and pandemic-related economic challenges that still reverberate, especially in Cuba. 

We won’t lie. It hasn’t been an easy year for many in our community. As a collective, we’re still building ourselves back up, having lost funding and key staff positions during the pandemic. We are thankful to have a fabulous group of volunteers, consultants, and collaborators who have made it possible to start up so many of our beloved programs, even without the funding base we had in the past. Despite the very real challenges (physical, financial, environmental, and more), we continue to come together, push our bodies, stretch our hearts, and find joy in our connection to one another. 

 That’s what this movement is all about right?

It’s about sustaining artists and one another.
It’s about honoring culture and unlocking personal expression. 
It’s about building health and wellness in ourselves and our communities.
It’s about creating joy. 

Sometimes people are surprised to see how much we do with such a small staff across such a large huge geographic reach. One month you may see us host a master of AfroCuban dance and percussion in Boston while simultaneously offering 8 free dance parties for the community. The next month we’re bringing dancers from three Boston Latin Dance studios to the Dominican Republic and hosting dance intensives in Cuba! This year, we taught Cuban Modern Technique in parks in Cambridge, held free and inclusive social-dance events open to all ages and abilities, and built powerful artist-to-artist partnerships spanning four countries. And the list goes on. 

If it seems like a lot, it’s because it is...

But the more involved you are with MetaMovements, the more you realize: everything’s connected. Everything we do is about building community, creating a healthy ecosystem where dance students and instructors, musicians and travelers, donors and volunteers, friends and community can thrive. And all of us have a role to play. Many of you play multiple! We’re grateful for all the ways you contribute to this beautiful community. 

Next year, we plan to continue growing this movement... with many more ways for you to participate to help make our vision a reality!  Our goals for 2024 include:

  • Continuing to…

    • Provide free, uplifting outdoor dance events that are welcoming and accessible for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds throughout Greater Boston

    • Sponsor collaborative workshops & meaningful exchanges in the Boston area with master artists from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and beyond.

    • Host inspirational trips in Cuba and the Dominican Republic that help travelers connect to the roots of music and dance forms they love, while simultaneously supporting the artists that are working to keep these art forms alive


  • Expanding…

    • Collaborations with K-12 schools to provide exciting music & dance programming that celebrates Latin American & Caribbean cultures

    • Partnerships with like-minded companies and organizations to effectively reach and serve greater numbers of people 

    • Mentoring and professional development for young artists in communities that face economic and environmental challenges so that they can thrive as entrepreneurs


  • Gaining Technical Support & Launching…

    • Our online dance school in a new, more user-friendly platform, with access to more instructional videos than ever before

    • A new, customized virtual Spanish language program featuring instructors in the D.R. & Cuba, with lessons, live chats, video-call classes, and more to help learners of all levels increase their skills in a fast and fun way

    • My new app, designed to keep us motivated and moving each day, to build the strength, flexibility and technique for greater health and personal enjoyment

You can help us achieve our goals by donating to our programs this Giving Tuesday and throughout our End of the Year campaign!


We plan to keep growing this movement, and we need you! Your end-of-year gifts help us create a space where artists are supported, spirits are lifted, diversity is celebrated, people of all backgrounds and abilities can come together to share the joy of dance in community. So please, give what you can and help us spread the word by sharing this letter with friends and chiming in on social media as we share our dance goals and accomplishments under the hashtag #ThatsHowMetaMoves! 

In gratitude and hope,

Anara Frank

Founder of MetaMovements Artist Collective

​If you’re already feeling moved to support our mission in 2024, please give now.

Why give to MetaMovements?


Because you’re fueling an international community that sustains artists, honors cultural traditions, and creates joyful, inclusive opportunities for people to dance, explore, and connect. 

Visit the pages below to hear from three members of our MetaMovements international community. 

Headshots 051616 (4)_edited.jpg


La Habana, Cuba

"MetaMovements has contributed a lot to my life in both my career and personal goals.  I was proud of my career as a professional dancer, but I had started feeling that something was missing…"

Joined the Movement: 2010

Full Artist Bios Coming Soon!
Full Artist Bios Coming Soon!
anna maria 2.jpg


Boston, MA

"I am a single mama to three boys, and all of us felt so welcomed by the community...Dancing with MetaMovements has been medicine for me and my kids..." 

Joined the Movement: 2023

Full Artist Bios Coming Soon!
Full Artist Bios Coming Soon!


Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

"I've really learned a lot at MetaMovements and I'm still learning everyday. With MM you really never stop learning and growing. There's always something new to try..."

Joined the Movement: 2017

Full Artist Bios Coming Soon!
Full Artist Bios Coming Soon!

MetaMovements has more travel adventures, events, and exciting collaborations planned for 2024! We’re feeling energized. We’re feeling hopeful. We’re growing as a movement. And we're doing it together -- #ThatsHowMetaMoves

Gifts of all sizes make a difference. When you make a tax-deductible gift today (via our fiscal sponsor at Raices Cultural Association, Ltd), you will fuel dozens of community events, workshops, and life-changing exchanges across our growing dance community.

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