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Spring/Summer 2024 TRAVEL PROGRAMS

(DR-June and Cuba-April)

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The Dominican Republic, located on the eastern side of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, boasts a rich and diverse history and culture that has shaped the nation into what it is today.

MetaMovements empowers young artists and instructors, providing them with recognition and support to sustain themselves through their art. By doing so, the organization ensures the continued growth and preservation of Dominican culture.

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Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean, has a rich and complex history and a vibrant culture that has captivated the world for centuries.

MetaMovements has been instrumental in training many generations of dancers and instructors, ensuring the continuity of traditional Cuban dance styles. Through workshops, classes, and cultural connection programs, young talents are nurtured and given opportunities to share their artistry.

We are so excited to announce that our MetaMovements Cultural Connections along with Artist Collective Exchange Program from Cuba and The Dominican Republic that have been connected with artist MetaMovements collective here in Boston!

Explore your passion for dance, music, and getaway from the cold temperatures for a moment on a MetaMovements adventure! We offer authentic travel experiences for dance enthusiasts and cultural explorers. Our curated journeys are guided by skilled dance instructors and local experts who infuse each step with history, rhythm, and adventure.


Join one of our upcoming travel groups or craft a custom trip for your dance school, family, friend group, or as an individual. With MetaMovements, you’ll discover the joys of cultural immersion while forging lasting friendships and elevating your dance skills to the next level.

Check out our schedule below, and sign up today for or upcoming trips and more!

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