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Custom Cuba Trips


Enjoy a personalized and authentic Cuba experience with our MM team!  You’ll dance & enjoy music every day, explore “off-the-beaten path'', and support artists & entrepreneurs by utilizing their services AND by helping them in areas they have requested!  Areas include shooting videos, improving their social media, creating marketing tools, and improving English skills & more… all things that will increase their work opportunities in this post-pandemic period!

Customize Your Program Today!

  • Your choice of personalized dance, music and/or language lessons

  • Your choice of evening dance & music activities with the MM Team 

  • A variety of Cultural Exchange Activities with the MM Team, designed with your special interests in mind, and planned in a way that fulfills your remaining U.S. program requirements

  • Access to experts in dance, music, language, culture, history and other points of interest


* For full days in Cuba; travel days are adapted to hours available before/after flights

MetaMovements Program Package

  • A full-time schedule of classes and activities that meets U.S. & Cuban regulations, as well as your personal goals (6-8 hours per day!)

  • Schedule Guarantee: The schedule in Cuba is always subject to change, but the regulations are clear that you must complete a full program regardless. In the event of an in-country schedule change, we will either arrange or provide options for activities that will fulfill US regulations as well as meet your travel interests & goals.

Accommodations, Meals & Transportation

  • Lodging in a Casa Particular with ample space for dance training and activities (double occupancy)

  • A neighborhood tour so you can find what you need and arrange sensible meeting places

  • Welcome Dinner with Hosts (1st evening)

  • Home-cooked Breakfast with Orientation (1st morning)

  • Farewell Activity with artists & hosts (Refreshments included) 

  • Transportation to included program activities 

  • Airport Transfers


Add-On Options

  • Upgrade to Single Room

  • Additional Days

  • Additional Meals

  • Additional Activities

  • Photo/Video Shoot

  • Private Lesson Packages

MetaMovements Support Package

  • A pre-departure briefing, travel preparation & consultation (including packing & spending advice, as well as other Cuba travel tips).

  • Knowledgeable & friendly Cuban hosts who will meet with you each day to assist you in the coordination of any special requests or communicate updates to you regarding your schedule.

  • Consultation on how to fulfill and document the US legal requirements for Cuba travel

  • 24-hour assistance available in the case of emergencies

Not Included in package price 

  • Flights

  • Additional meals, food and drinks

  • Optional activities during the day

  • Tipping & gratuities 

  • Additional transportation upon request.  (Note:  Returns are not included in many activities so that you can choose to stay later or explore after and taxi home)

Fill out the inquiry form for a price quote
Please submit requests 6 weeks or more before preferred travel dates
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