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Esmeralda Escaño

Instructor / Animadora / Choreographer

Esmeralda was born in Salcedo to Dominican parents. She has a five year old son, and she is currently completing her secondary education while also working as a dancer. Esmeralda began dancing three years ago when her friend took her out dancing. She met a dance instructor and studied with him up until recently. As she learned more about the world of dance, she began to go out and learn a variety of dance styles, discovering a passion and an aptness for dancing. She notes that, while some of her formation as a dancer came from training in a dance school setting, most of it has come from what she has learned on the streets where she has been able to dance with and learn from a wide variety of people. She loves bachata and feels most confident in this style, but she feels a special passion for salsa and is excited to keep improving so that one day she may consider herself a true salsera.

Esmeralda pulls inspiration and motivation from her pure love and enjoyment of dancing, and she knows that no matter where she is she has to be dancing in order to be happy. She is determined to learn more as a dancer each day, and she plants to continue in this way in order to reach her goals. 

One of these goals is for her dance clients to recognize her for her good work. Esmeralda wants people to feel comfortable during classes with her, and that they walk away thinking "wow, Esmeralda is a good person, and I love taking class with her!". She aims to always help her students feel confident in themselves and to support them in reaching their dancing goals, regardless of how long it takes.

Another one of her goals is to compete in major international dance competitions. Esmeralda acknowledges her high aspirations and is confident she will reach them one day so as to represent her country!

DANCE Genres

  • Bachata

  • Merengue

  • Salsa On1

  • Dembow 

Teaching Specialties

  • Traditional and Modern Bachata: partnering and ladies styling

  • Merengue: partnering and ladies styling


  • Spanish

  • English for Dance Instruction

Hobbies & Professional skills

  • Photographer

  • Makeup Artist

  • Model

  • Also passionate about: Cooking and Fitness


  • Virtual Private Lessons

  • Choreography design and instruction

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In Her



"I enjoyed recording videos for the MM dance library with Esmeralda. She has a great energy to bring a piece of the DR to the small screen. Her fluid moves are not to be missed!"

— Zheina (Account Manager, Bulgaria)

In her own words

"With MetaMovements I've improved my English: I used to be at level zero and now I'm understanding a good amount! I've also been able to work on my discipline and to loosen up in class and when working in front of the camera. When I'm with MetaMovements I feel like I'm with family, and there is so much support amongst us."

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