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Instructor / Choreographer / Performer 

tomás guilarte


Tomás was born and raised in Baracoa Guantánamo. When he was just ten years old, Elfriede Malher, one of the most prominent teachers of Cuban Modern dance technique, put him through an assessment process that earned him a spot at the vocational arts school in Guantánamo. He began his training at eleven years of age in modern dance, ballet, choreographic composition, Latin American folkloric dance, and acrobatics. After three years, he passed his final exams and went on to study for the next four years at the national school of dance in La Habana. He had the opportunity to train with many influential teachers, including Ramiro Guerra who is considered to be the "father of Cuban modern dance". 

Dance has played a central role in Tomás' life, and in becoming a choreographer he discovered a way to fully express himself. He finds an outlet for his worries and stress along with his joys and successes in dance, music, and visual arts, all of which are connected for him. While Tomás is partial to modern dance, contemporary dance, and Cuban folkloric dance, he respects that there are various dance styles that are important to study for anyone entering into the world of dance.

Tomás' goal as a teacher is to help his students learn to respect not only the dance styles they learn but also the training and education process that goes into it. Tomás himself has learned from great teachers and has carried with him their technique and perfectionist style, which has permitted him to preserve the foundational principles of their teachings, independently of the undeniable contributions made by each unique teacher. He seeks to continue his work of building upon the dance techniques he has studied, while always preserving the foundations developed by the original teachers of the styles.


Modern / Contemporary / Cuban Folkloric Dance / Ballet


Spanish / English




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