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Our Core Services

We are passionate about Latin dance & music instruction -- and the power they have to uplift our student's lives! Our approach to instruction is holistic. In addition to teaching classes, we also provide cultural presentations, performance programs, community events, and meaningful cultural exchange opportunities.


Fortunately, with over many years of experience, and 40+ artists in our collective-- we have the freedom to design a variety of programs for communities as well. We are frequently invited by corporations, universities, government agencies, and foundations to use our talents to curate unique experiences for their employees, students, neighborhoods, and more!

Some of these programs have had such a meaningful impact on many people, that they have taken root and now have lives (and websites!) of their own. We invite you to learn more about our popular summer event Salsa in the Park ... or our Cultural Connections travel programs to Cuba & the Dominican Republic

Promoting Health & wellness through the arts


Travel &

cultural exchange


relationships across



Inspiring transformation through

music, dance, & fitness


Uplifting presentations for a wide variety of events

Covid 19 Update:

In compliance with the advice of local, state, and federal entities -- our in-person events and trips were all postponed or canceled.  Now that MA is in Phase 3 of its re-opening plan, we have hosted in-person classes outdoors following safety guidelines -- looking ahead to the winter months in Boston, we will be focusing on virtual dance & music opportunities.  You can also dance and learn with us virtually, no matter where you are!  


Check out our current services page to see how you can join us in-person and online… and stay tuned for what’s next as re-opening continues in Boston and beyond.


You can be sure that as it becomes possible, we'll be back to doing what we love: traveling, hosting events & classes, and entertaining!  Stay on our mailing list to be the first to know when things will be happening  :)