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Franky Florin

Instructor / Animador / Choreographer 



Frantz, more commonly known as Franky or Franky Franky, grew up in Puerto Plata and started dancing at home with his mother as a child. It wasn’t until he moved to Las Terrenas that he began to dance more professionally. Franky has worked at the Bachata Paradise Festival and taught classes at By Bolivar dance school, and he is also known for his professional athletic career. In 2011 and 2013 Franky earned the title of national champion in 100m and 200m sprints. He has earned internationally-recognized, professional certifications in sunfish board and laser board, and he is also experienced in other water sports (kayak, paddle board, and catamaran, to name a few!). Franky is passionate about expanding the breadth of opportunities available to the youth in his community, and he works hard every day to get closer to this goal.

DANCE Genres

  • Bachata

  • Salsa On1

  • Merengue

  • Kompa

Teaching Specialties

  • Traditional & Modern bachata: partnerwork, musicality, & men's styling

  • Traditional Merengue and Classic Merengue

  • Salsa On1


  • Spanish

  • English

  • French

  • Haitian Creole

Hobbies & Professional skills

  • Singer-Rapper

  • Performer

  • Spanish language teacher

  • Acrobatics


  • Virtual private dance lessons

  • Choreography design and instruction


In his



"Franky is an encouraging and skilled teacher. He has a facility for breaking things down into manageable pieces, and finding a way around every potential roadblock. Through his belief that I could advance my dancing to the next level, I realized that I could in fact do it!"

-Ellen (Past traveler, MA)

Clean Bubbles


"Bueno, when I first started with the MetaMovements program I didn't know how to dance salsa on2, and Anara trained me a lot so I could learn. I also had some challenges when partner dancing because I didn't understand how to effectively show the follower what I was trying to lead them in. When I joined the MM team, I learned how to lead with more confidence and clarity, and I feel this brought my dancing to a new level. ...

I joined MetaMovements fairly recently, and it's been a pleasure for me to be able to share my knowledge with clients as well as learn about them-- I really love it."

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